Fitted Festival is an outdoor show with an all-inclusive approach to the custom automotive industry. 

Fitted Festival brings motor enthusiasts together to share their passion, engage with others and interact with industry-leading manufacturers.

The show offers our industry the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat with the customer and discuss the trends and requirements of todays motoring enthusiasts.

At Fitted Festival we understand and appreciate automotive obsession and how

“Passion Never Fades”.

Fitted Festival is your ultimate destination to learn about, understand and appreciate the      everchanging automotive world that we all share as a culture and indulge in as a passion.

First automotive event ever held at a major Airport anywhere in the world.

A unique event that is fun for the whole family with all types of entertainment on offer.

Fitted Festival is the largest automotive festival in Australia.

Fitted Festival is full of diversity, where you can find all types of vehicles from different sectors of the industry.


A wide selection of food trucks – From Burgers to Fried chicken, Tacos, Vegetarian food and much much more.


More than just Australia's top vehicles, Fitted Festival offers a festival experience like no other. Music adds to the atmosphere and we have created a playlist of sensational automotive hits to add to the fun social atmosphere.


Fitted Festival brings together the diverse automotive sub-cultures, promoting positive outlook and an appreciation of both quality and difference.


Fitted Festival brings enthusiasts together to share their passion and engage with international and industry-leading manufacturers. The show provides spaces to highlight the latest products and services from the automotive industry.