Mad Mike has always had a passion for things extreme and fast, dating right back to his first 3 wheeled trike when he was a toddler.

Mike raced motocross from the age of 6 and was competing in BMX only a short time later. Eventually, Mike transitioned to the extreme sport of Freestyle Motocross where he competed as a Pro for 3yrs.

The 3-year stint had mixed results, and his many broken bones and concussions earned him the nickname ‘Mad Mike’.

After one too many injuries he made the switch to another form of motorsport, which gave him the same rush but with the safety of a roll-cage and as a result his DRIFTING career was born in 2007.

Now backed by some of the worlds biggest brands Red Bull, Mazda, Rotiform, Holinger Engineering, PWR Performance & Rocket Bunny to name a few.

Pushing the boundaries as an ambassador of the sport Mike has taken drifting around the globe.

jason whipple - usa

Jason’s obsession with cars and tuning started early – before he could drive he was getting into every motorsport book he could get his hands on. Jason started with auto crossing and transitioned to road racing as a hobby while training as a goldsmith. He started a small VW parts business making high performance engine mounts and other accessories called ‘Turn2’ and sold it after a few years.
Eventually, he landed a job with a professional race team in the late nineties running IMSA WSC cars and some vintage race preparations. He moved away from California and began working for a racing brake/transmission importer and race support for sportscars and formula cars based at Sears Point Raceway. 

Jason then briefly started a camshaft company and moved to a tuner specializing in FD RX7’s and Subaru WRX’s, eventually landing at STaSIS Engineering selling Audi tuning parts and running 2 SCCA World Challenge Touring cars.
One thing leads to another, and after he made some more moves, he started a wheel company. This was to be the start of something big.

The Fitted Festival family welcomes Jason Whipple to Australia and is proud to have him as an International Guest judge at Fitted Festival VI.

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