The trophies awarded at Fitted Festival VI have been custom manufactured by Rotiform and are shipped all the way from the USA specifically for Fitted Festival.

Rotiform Wheels manufacture custom Trophies for Fitted Festival VI and are the only ones of their kind! With no expense spared and cut from T6061 forgings to producing the finest that money can’t buy, making them an attraction in their own right.





“MVC Australia ” – Most Valued Car“ - Best Car Of Show

“MVB Australia ” Most Valued Bike” – Best Bike Of Show

1. “Crew On Point” Best Club/Crew
2. “That’s How You Do A Trade Stand” – Best Trade Stand
3. “I Live My Life A Quarter Mile At A Time” – Best Drag Car
4. “Truckin’ Hell” – Best Truck
5. “Ride Low, Live High” – Best Lowrider
6. “Straight Outta JAPAN” – Best JDM
7. “Sleekest Euro” – Best European
8. – “Wankel Would Be Proud” – Best Rotary
9. “Born In The USA!” – Best American Muscle
10. “It’s All About Homegrown Talent” – Best Aussie Muscle
11. “Damn That’s Clean” – Best Engine Bay
12. “Didn’t Expect That” – Best Engine Conversion
13. “It’s All About The Wheels” – Best Wheels
14. “I’m A Wrap Star” – Best Wrap
15. “Painted To Perfection” – Best Paint
16. “I Got 99 Problems But Fitment Ain’t One” – Best Fitment – Static
17. “That’s A Tight Fit” – Best Fitment – Bagged
18. “Got The Crowd Talking” – Crowd Favourite
19. “It’s What’s Inside That Counts – Best Interior
20. “Engineered To Perfection” – Best Fabrication & Engineering
21. “Brake The Internet” – Best Brakes
22. “Wide Load” – Best Widebody
23. “Meanest Harley” – Best Harley
24. “Baddest Custom” – Best Custom Bike
25. “Unfinished Project” – Unfinished Project


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