"Passion Never Fades"

Fitted Festival is an outdoor show that has an all-inclusive approach to the custom automotive industry. 

Fitted Festival brings motor enthusiasts together to share their passion, engage with others and interact with industry-leading manufacturers.

The show offers our Industry the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat with the customer and discuss the trends and requirements of today’s motoring enthusiasts.

In 2019 the show will host its 6th event and our first in Victoria, showcasing only the best cars and bikes, Fitted Festival welcomes owners and visitors alike to share and appreciate what is a vibrant automotive spectacle. At Fitted Festival we understand and appreciate automotive obsession and how “Passion Never Fades”.

Fitted Festival is your ultimate destination to learn about, understand and appreciate the everchanging automotive world that we all share as a culture and indulge in as a passion.

Fitted Friday I

20th June 2014

First conceived in 2014, Fitted Festival aimed to provide a more interactive experience for automotive enthusiasts. Showcasing the best of the Australian market within a safe and controlled environment, Fitted Friday was the beginning of something truly unique- exhibiting all types of cars and bikes uniting under a common passion and drive

Fitted Friday II

10th October 2014

With a scarcity of automotive events conducted on a large scale, Fitted Friday II capitalized on Australia’s expansive spaces and utilised a larger venue to meet the growing influx of spectators. The new space was swiftly filled demonstrating the passion of the Australian car industry who showed up in full force, with a record number of cars, bikes and spectators attending this event.

Fitted Friday III

20th June 2015

Praised online for an awe-inspiring record number once again, the third instalment of Fitted Friday III aimed to join the diverse car sub-cultures, promoting positive attitudes in appreciation of difference.


Fitted Friday IV

27th May 2016

With the success of the preceding trilogy of Fitted Fridays (I, II, III), Fitted Friday IV needed to leave its mark, and a 360-degree stage was set up as the centrepiece for the show. Defying gravity, 7 cars and 2 bikes ascended 18-metre ramps onto the main stage, revealed to the public eye for the first time. Fitted Festival IV created waves throughout social media both in Australia and worldwide.

Fitted Festival V

3rd June 2017

The fifth instalment of Fitted Festival V made history as the first event ever to be held at Sydney Airport. Fitted Festival V enjoyed an impressive and record number of vehicle entries once again, making Fitted Festival the largest automotive lifestyle event in Australia.