Fitted Festival has been quickly recognised in Australia and around the world as one of the leading car shows as it displays many standout features, turning a simple car meet into car festival, utilising our full production team and setting up our huge 360-degree centre stage with 18-Metre ramps that we use to unveil cars and bikes, launch products as well as introduce DJs and entertainment.

With the state of the art sound and lighting, we provide a music festival style experience with the best club DJs spinning throughout the event. The wide range of foods on display is a true reflection of the cultural diversity we have in our community with all areas covered including food trucks to suit everyone’s needs with vegetarian, asian cuisines, organic food, burgers to pizzas and more.

A huge ferris wheel lights up the night and dodgem cars have the little, and big kids entertained, making the event fun for the whole family.


20TH JUNE 2014

When it all started, the event was marketed as a car meet, but we had some surprises up our sleeve. With a car being unveiled that was secretly built and revealed for the first time at Fitted Friday, we saw record numbers for a car meet in Australia.



Just as the first instalment, for our second instalment, two cars built in secret were revealed for the first time and to showcase that, we commissioned a professional videographer to create an official after movie.


20TH JUNE 2015

The third instalment again saw record numbers through the gates; this time, we had our traffic controllers open a multi-level carpark to handle the influx of people and vehicles.

Setting up a giant main stage with drive on ramps to showcase the cars and bikes to be unveiled on the night, the stage area was lit up with state of the art lighting as well as sound to broadcast the DJs and MC.


27TH MAY 2016

For our fourth instalment, we utilised a 360-degree stage set up as the centrepiece for the show. 7 cars and 2 bikes were driven up the 18-metre ramps onto the main stage to be revealed to the public for the first time. 

State of the art sound and lighting lit up the event and broadcasted the music played by the finest club DJs, providing a music festival experience. The event created waves throughout the social media in Australia and worldwide.